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JOULIN invented and perfected a suction cup insensitive to porosities in various patents. This product, now known world-wide as a "foam gripper" works according to the physical principles below:


joulin vacuum gripper principle
  • The Foam Gripper operates on the basis of torque, significant flow and moderate vacuum.


  • Unlike conventional suction pads which require a high vacuum and low flow rate


  • This different "torque" allows the foam grippers to be much less sensitive to porosity and deformation than conventional suction cups

The Advantages

  • A significant air flow rate allows for the compensation of any residual leakage
  • The foam adapts to irregularities in the thickness and shape of the products
  • There is no need to change the settings when changing the configuration of the products to be lifted (number, shape, pallet, spacer, ...).


The foam gripper a multi-functional tool without adjustments, replacing several single-function EOATs on the same gripping hand.

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Thousands of successful applications Joulin work in the field from timber industry to food to pharmaceuticals , etc.

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Simple, durable design means the JOULIN is easy to install and requires little maintenance. Discover our range

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Our extensive experience in custom handling systems allows us to be a force for proposal and advice for your specific applications.

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JOULIN is the only Foam Gripper supplier with two manufacturing and design facilities. Domestic manufacturing and shipping means savings to you !

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Quick foam change system of your foam for a simplified and economical maintenance.