Methods to remove sticks with Joulin

joulin sticker 1 small


Option A : The lifting table keeps the pack at a set height.  The brush sweep the sticks into a rack.

joulin sticker 1 small


Option B : The brush adjusts vertically with the height of the pack.

joulin sticker 1 small


Option C : The layer is picked with the sticks and released on the conveyor. Sticks are removed at that time either by a brush or when feeding the line.

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Option D : As a variant of the C option. The grippers are located between the sticks and after gripping tilts the layer 45° to let the sticks fall onto a collection belt.

How to rotate boards or a layer with Joulin



Option A : Switch from picking a single part to rotating 90° and picking a full layer.



Option B : Flips over the products to inspect or release on the opposite face (90° or 180°).



Option C : Horizontal rotation of the products after gripping.

Available Frameworks

joulin position 1


Equipment A : Wide legs for front infeed by width.

joulin position 1


Equipment B : Narrow leg for lateral infeed by length.

joulin position 3


Equipment C : Y horizontal movement with powered base.

joulin position 4


Equipment D : Y horizontal movement with two side wall or ceiling mounted rails.

Many different configurations of frameworks are available. Joulin offers machines with up to 5 axis and the ability to cover a complete workspace floor.

How to control a Joulin

joulin smartscreen 1 small joulin smartscreen 2 small

Smart Control :  Smart Control touch screen offers easy and friendly operation. It helps in optimizing and adjusting the speed, acceleration, position and extra parameters of the system.

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Radio Control : Radio Control allows operator freedom. Différents levels of technology can be proposed.


joulin fixit 2 small joulin fixit small

Remote maintenance :  The remote maintenance option allows to take remote control of your gantry robot to assist you in troubleshooting if necessary without the intervention of our on-site technicians when this allows it.