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For more than 60 years Joulin has supplied the wood industries with lifters. Our range of standard gantry robots equipped with check valve technology allows you to pick all products, partial layers, complete layers, random lengths and widths without adjustment using the same grippers. 


For all handling in the wood industry!

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For more than 60 years Joulin has been the leader in Vacuum Handling systems in the wood industry.

Not sensitive to saw dust, moisture, sap, splinters, etc...

Our grippers are rugged and reliable

No filter, low maintenance

All the gantries Robots can be supplied complete turnkey or with different degrees of completion integrated in your new or existing line.

Exclusive handling systems

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Joulin has thousands of successful applicationsJoulin work in the field from timber industry to food to pharmaceuticals , etc.

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Rugged and oversized to fit the demands of lumber industry, Joulin’s gantry robots are easy to install and need low maintenance.

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Our extensive experience in custom handling systems allows us to be a force for proposal and advice for your specific applications.

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De-sticking, rotate boards or a layer… For more than 50 years Joulin has been leader in Vacuum Handling systems in the wood industry. Discover our examples