Joulin : since 1959


1959 : Origin of the Company


Michel JOULIN, a boilermaker by training, founded Joulin. The company developed a metalworking activity at the service of renowned customers (Air Liquide, Saint Gobain, CEA ...).

1968 : Invention of the Foam Gripper


Noting recurring handling issues in its customers' plants, Michel JOULIN invented the first foam gripper.  This was a surface gripper with independent self-closing valves.


1978 : Evolution in the Wood Industry


Joulin developed its first automatic stacking and unstacking gantry robots for the Wood industry.  Joulin also perfected its "foam gripper" solutions through several patents and established its export activity.

1995 : Extension of Technology to "All Products" Handling 


François Joulin, Engineer and Son of the founder, joined the company.  Seeing the rise of robotics, he adapted the foam grippers so that they can be positioned as "EOAT" (end of arm tools).  Joulin thus became a partner of robot integrators in order to offer them innovative handling solutions for difficult products or configurations (variability, deformation, porosity, dust ...).


2007 : Creation of Joulin USA 


Joulin opened a US facility located in Hickory, North Carolina. An industrial site was gradually developed to provide the USA with the best service available.

2012 : Acceleration of Growth 


The management team strengthened with the arrival of Laurent Joulin. Then commercial and technical development of the company accelerated in Europe, Asia and Oceania.


2020 : New Innovations 


The company filed new patents and launched new product concepts.

EasyFoam : the magneticfoam

Safe & Light : the ultra-lightweight "all-foam" gripper

Today, Joulin has hundreds of customers in more than 60 countries and is the world's leading specialist in foam grippers.  

Joulin’s internalized and flexible industrial organization allows us to offer both a range of standard products and customized solutions.

2022 : Joulin integrates Piab Group 


Piab's long history of innovation in vacuum technology and global presence will allow for Joulin to further develop and Piab also provides a long-term home for our family business and its employees.

By joining the Piab Group, Joulin joins an excellent global company, a leading innovator in the vacuum technology market and together we will strengthen our leading position in the automation industry.