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Universal Robots and Joulin have joined forces to offer owners of collaborative robots ever more powerful vacuum gripping options.


Universal Robots announces the welcome of Joulin, a leading French company in the design of vacuum gripper solutions, into the Universal Robots+ (UR+) ecosystem with the certification of Joulin’s FlexiGrip vacuum gripper.


The UR+ ecosystem now includes more than 200 certified products, over 400 developers, and provides solutions of all types (screwing, gripping, Pick & Place...) dedicated to industrial cobots. These solutions allow Universal Robot’s collaborative robots to perform a wide variety of industrial tasks. The cobots are flexible, lightweight, and can operate in any production environment. They are also equipped with a very intuitive touch interface and their configuration is guided by its simple programming wizard.


For its part, Joulin has been manufacturing foam suction grippers for more than half a century, first for the wood industry but also for many years in all industries requiring handling equipment. It is the undisputed world leader in this field, equipping numerous sites throughout the world.


Joulin's new UR+ certified product, the FlexiGrip, consists of a series of light, small and robust foam vacuum grippers. They are perfectly suited for handling products of varying size and uneven surfaces. The integrated venturi vacuum generator allows for quick product pick-up, with the added ability to handle porous objects.


Four standard sizes are available, integrating Joulin's various technologies. The gripper is also delivered with the fixture, the control valve, and the URCap plugin allowing quick and easy integration of the product into a cobotic solution.


FlexiGrips weight from 400g to 1kg and are capable of lifting up to 20 times their weight. They are compatible with the entire e-Series range of Universal Robots: UR3e, UR5e, UR10e and UR16e.

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"With our FlexiGrip, companies are able to automate many Pick & Place handling processes of complicated and diverse objects with the same gripper, which are repetitive and sometimes dangerous tasks that require significant physical effort for the operators," explains Aurélien Malardel, Head of the Gripper Department at Joulin.


"Universal Robots is a major player in collaborative robotics in France and this alliance was an opportunity for us to reach out and help even more companies in France and abroad. We are constantly looking to improve our products and are sure that this partnership will benefit everyone! ", he underlines.


"We are delighted to welcome such a reference among our catalog of solutions and look forward to seeing this partnership develop with the arrival of future grippers that meet the needs of companies. Joulin is a very reputable quality brand, whose talent is well proven," said Jocelyn Peynet, Universal Robots France Director.


"We are calling on French industrial manufacturers to follow Joulin's example and join our UR+ solutions ecosystem to continue developing solutions that can help companies in France and around the world to automate their manufacturing processes.”


(source of article: UR - 09 2020)